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Owner and breeder: PUDRLJA NIKOLA


I am occupied with upbringing of Caucasian shepherd dogs during 16 years, I can say successfully. My dogs reached excellent results on many exhibitions and according to judges, they are proclaimed publicly for the best. By careful and professional selection, I brought up many high-quality dogs, which are spread all over the country and abroad.

In October 2002. I traveled to Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine where I visited many well-known breeders of Caucasian dogs. I succeeded to acquire professional literature in this field, and most important of all for me is that I saw a lot of dogs which are national and world champions.

I used the opportunity to import one male and to females, which have excellent genetics, so with Meda and Shurale I own exceptional dogs. I am occupied with upbringing of Caucasian shepherd dogs during many years and it is very successfully, that was demonstrated by numerous awards and prizes were won my dogs at events and exhibitions, and I hope it will achieve such success in the future.

I started with a female DONA, which I obtained from Mr. Zoran Rujević from Belgrade, the best known and most successful breeders of Caucasian Shepherd, owner of the legendary dogs: males BURAN and females GAMA who gave many excellent offspring. On the advice of the expert selection of Mr. Rujević I took from him a puppy - male MEDA that has become a top dog. It should be noted that the MEDA like BURANA and DON MEDA among the best dog in the area, all of course based on the evaluations and opinions kynological experts and breeders. MEDA is to justify the flattering title. Proved to be an excellent breeding dog as he gave primarily genetically healthy offspring, and who also achieved outstanding results and ratings.

After that I was in Russia - Moscow imported a puppy - a female SHURALLE derived from the most popular dogs in Russia and OSMAN II and Jean CHRIST, which has been named one of the best females in the area. MEDA and SHURALLE gave excellent offspring, and one of them is male BURAN II, who later sold in Nicosia, Cyprus. Knowing from experience, and given the fact that no new genetic potential does not have quality breeding, I traveled to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, where I visited the famous video of the kennel of Caucasian Shepherd. On this occasion I was talking to breeders and experts exchanged views and gained for me very important information, particularly in the breeding policy. Also I have obtained and literature in this field. On this occasion I am from Belarus - Minsk, imported puppies of excellent dogs, among others, the famous dog boatswain. This is particularly emphasized that the female ŽASMIN and MEDA also gave excellent offspring. ŽASMIN with BURAN II gave great ORKAN male who is already familiar Junior Champion of Serbia and is a true successor to their ancestors. Some time ago I got a female VARVARA whose parents are originally from Russia, from the famous kennel. VARVARA is rated excellent and with ORKAN give quality puppies, so far are excellent.

I must mention that my dogs are descendants in countries across Europe: France, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro and has interest from other countries, which to me is a special honor and responsibility to continue to responsibly and professionally bred primarily genetically healthy, quality dogs, that I was the primary goal. I hope to continue, as I am able and I the other various circumstances permit, successfully breed Caucasian Shepherds because they frankly like. Special attention will be devoted to preserving and fostering the "blood line" of legendary dogs like BURAN and DON MEDA because so far proved to be excellent. I will certainly continue to work to re-import the dogs from Russia and to renew and enrich genetic my kennel. I became convinced that success can only be achieved by conducting regular and responsible breeding policy.

After some time I managed to import a puppy - a female Caucasian Shepherd from the famous kennel "CHAIR of Sibiria" from Novosibirsk, Russia. And thus enrich their new kennel bloodline. Name the Snow BURA females born 12.12.2010. year. Pictures and information, see the picture gallery and on the League Championship. As a conclusion, all written and based on expert opinion and evaluation cynological experts and many breeders of this breed of dogs, are among the best and most serious breeders of Caucasian Shepherd, and as long as I can I will try to keep it that way.


Nikola Pudrlja


adress: Bulevar JNA 45a 11223 Beli Potok - Beograd, Srbija/font>

phone: +38111 39 06 959

mob-phone: +38163 33 41 13