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You can find information and pictures about our Caucasian dogs on this website. These dogs are more popular lately, and we can provide you the best puppies! We are placed in Belgrade, and you can contact us for any kind of information.

Caucasian shepherd dogs are faithful and fearless dogs, ready to protect you and your property. They are convenient for guarding firms, special storehouses, farms and private houses.
If you decide to have this race of dogs you will have quiet dream and faithful friend. I can say this for sure after my long-lasting experience with Caucasian shepherd dogs.

The Caucasian Shepherd is a large and powerful dog, loyal to the owner, and suspicious of strangers. It is very active but calm and balanced with a strong defensive reaction. Characteristics should be added: durability, absence of any desires in terms of shelter, food, adaptability to various thermal and climate change, which allows their use, growing in almost all areas of Europe and beyond. The Caucasian Shepherd is incorruptible and fearless dog, ready and determined at all times to protect you and your property. Their use is manifold, and are particularly suitable for storage companies, commodity warehouses, cattle farms, private homes and possessions. If you opt for this dog - Caucasian Shepherd will be a good decision and not go wrong. And I can assure you from personal experience, you'll have peace of mind and most faithful friends, which I saw for myself hanging out with them for many years.